Our Process

Our Process

At Protabites, our goal is to deliver the highest-quality, all-natural dog treats that you can trust. Our process is rooted in this commitment, following a meticulous path from sourcing to production, ensuring that the treats you give your furry friend are nothing short of the best.


Our journey begins with sourcing. We work closely with trusted suppliers across the USA to procure only the best, human-grade meat. This high-quality, single-ingredient meat is the backbone of our treats, and we take every measure to ensure it's sourced responsibly and ethically.


Once the meat arrives at our facilities, it undergoes a careful preparation process. It's hand-trimmed, cleaned, and then cut into bite-sized pieces, ready for the next stage. Our team treats each piece with the same love and care they would give to their own pets' food.


The next step is where the magic happens – freeze-drying. This process involves lowering the temperature of the meat to below freezing, and then slowly raising it in a vacuum chamber. The water in the meat sublimates – that is, it turns directly from ice into vapor, skipping the liquid phase.

The result? A light, crunchy treat that retains nearly all its original nutritional content, without the need for any preservatives or additives. The natural flavor of the meat is preserved and intensified, creating a taste that dogs love.

Quality Assurance

The freeze-dried treats aren't just packed straight away. We take quality seriously, so each batch undergoes stringent quality checks. This ensures the treats are free from contaminants, have the right texture, and most importantly, taste great.


Finally, the treats are packed into our distinctive, bold packages. We use high-quality packaging materials to ensure the treats stay fresh as long as possible. The bright colors and bold fonts reflect the energy and excitement that Protabites brings to your dog's life.

At Protabites, we're not just creating dog treats. We're creating experiences of joy, health, and taste – one bite at a time.

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